Nicholson Billey

Nicholson Billey is of the Chahta and Mvskoke People of Oklahoma and is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Nicholson Billey


While obtaining a MFA in Performance & Performance Studies, Nic began to present his solo performance work that utilized various multidirectional and poly-focal fundamentals from the everyday practices of Indigeneity with aspects from drama therapy to create Este Cate.

Nic also holds an MA in drama therapy.

Nicholson's Visual

2019-Gown-Cap-And A Tassel

2019-Gown-Cap-And A Tassel was created in May 2019 as a series of simple photos and brief videos by Nicholson Billey and co-curated with Rayson James Dix (Chahta & Mvskoke). 2019-Gown-Cap-And A Tassel is a protest through visual resistance that intends to project back toward the industrial complex of academia how it rigidly imposes its assimilative agenda onto any who may be deemed as alternative. As resistant. As Other. 2019-Gown-Cap-And A Tassel was maintained for one year on Sylvia Dix’s (Chahta & Mvskoke) wooden backyard fence in Preston, Oklahoma.

Nicholson Billey

Este Cate - Nicholson Billey

Este Cate (pronounced stuh-jaw-duh) is Mvskoke for “Indian” and is an interweaving of five Native stories that attempts to disrupt the notion of a Native “stasis.” Este Cate, as a performance toward Native resurgence, pushes into, through, and beyond this stasis into an emergent and unconventional Native thriving.

Collective Voices: Community Talks

Collective Voices: Community Talks is a collaborative video presentation between the American Indian Community House, Inc. and Nicholson Billey to give expression from Native American community storyspeaking voices about the Native American community in New York City.
 (Made possible by the American Indian Community House, Inc.
Nicholson Billey

“It Came From Across The Big Pond”

Written by William S. Yellow Robe Jr., was presented as part of Amerinda’s Double Feature Radio Plays podcast. Nicholson Billey performs the role of Ernie in It Came From Across the Big Pond.

CAST: Nic Billey, Dylan Carusona, Donna Couteau, Matthew Cross, Matt Langer, Ina McNeil, Taylor Red Fox

(Made possible by Amerinda, Inc.

- Produced by Diane Fraher
- Directed by John Scott-Richardson
- Assistant Producer: Ryan Victor Pierce
- Sound Design: Bob Schott, Sr. Audio
- Engineer/Producer, Studio Center NY
- Dialogue Recording: Jacqueline Jackson
- Dialogue Editor: Rob Kuhns

It Came From Across The Big Pond - Audiopod

Nicholson Billey

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